Heating Fuel Options for Residents and Business Owners in Greensburg, PA

Use Wood Pellets and Coal in Homes and Businesses in Greensburg, PA

Greensburg, PA, and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania are known for harsh, cold winters. Temperatures can range anywhere from below 0℉ to slightly above 50℉, which are very cold temperatures. Millersdale Supply LLC wants to help you keep your home or business warm this winter. We provide a wide array of wood and coal pellets to use in your stoves and furnaces to keep your home nice and toasty this upcoming winter. Using wood and coal pellets is much more cost effective and easier to care for then using a heating product run by oil. If wood and coal pellets are your choice of fuel this winter in Greensburg, PA, and surrounding areas, call Millersdale Supply LLC at (724) 527-1935 or contact us online. We weigh all of our products to give you the perfect amount, and we also offer delivery services for your convenience.

A Hotter and Cleaner Fuel for Residential and Commercial Businesses

Wood pellets are becoming a popular form of fuel in homes and business around the country. Greensburg, PA, and surrounding areas in the state are known for cold temperatures in homes and businesses. It is time to beat the cold by using a wood burning stove. Wood pellets are a renewable source of fuel. It is meant to replace gas and oil, which can be expensive and hard to maintain. Millersdale Supply LLC has some of the best wood pellets on the market. They are hard and dense, which means they burn hotter and cleaner. Enjoy the heat that burning wood gives off this winter by calling Millersdale Supply LLC.

Pile of Coal

Cost Effective and Clean Alternative to Oil

Coal is also an amazing way to heat your home or business in Greensburg, PA, during the winter. Coal is a cost effective and clean alternative to gas and oil. It burns slowly and gives off little smoke, giving your building a comfortably warm temperature. All of Millersdale Supply LLC’s coal is Run of Mine (ROM) coal, which means it is delivered straight from the mine to us. We then make sure it is washed and prepared to go to your home or business. If you are interested in using coal to heat your home this winter season, call Millersdale Supply LLC.

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