Materials for Large and Small Landscape Projects in Greensburg, PA

Top-Quality Landscape Materials Sold in Greensburg, PA, and Surrounding Areas

Millersdale Supply LLC is located in Greensburg, PA, and strives to provide that area and surrounding areas with high-quality landscaping equipment, materials, and supplies. We provide residential and commercial areas with everything from topsoil to river gravel. When you call Millersdale Supply LLC, you know you are getting the best products to get your yard looking amazing. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your landscaping needs! We offer delivery services for all of our products for your convenience. If you are interested in any of our top-quality products from Millersdale Supply LLC, call (724) 527-1953 or contact us online.

High-Quality Products Offered by Millersdale Supply LLC:

Mulch: Mulch is a mineral, such as bark, compost, and leaves, used to enrich the soil for plant growth. It provides the soil with moisture, reduces weed growth, improves plant fertility, and more. You can place mulch on bare soil or around plants already planted. Call Millersdale Supply LLC to get the perfect mulch to enrich your soil and make your residential and commercial areas look clean and stylish.

Mushroom Manure: Mushroom manure is used for organic gardening. This is made when growers use hay, straw, or horse manure when growing mushrooms. Using mushroom manure in your residential or commercial lawn is an inexpensive way to fertilize plants and increase their water holding capacity. Call Millersdale Supply LLC to get a weighed order of mushroom manure today.

Piles of mulch

Topsoil: Topsoil is a 5 to 12-inch deep layer of soil (depending on the commercial or residential area) used on top of the soil. It is a mixture of clay, silt, and sand to increase the growth of your plants. This is a great product to use in large areas of large scale landscaping projects. If you are planning a large scale project and would like topsoil for plant growth, call Millersdale Supply LLC or contact us online.

Pile of stacked bricks

Driveway Stone: This three-layer deep stone layout is perfect for residential and commercial driveways to keep them looking stylish. The first layer consists of baseball-sized gravel, the second layer is golf ball-sized gravel, and the third layer is marble-sized gravel. Your driveway stone can come in various colors to match your landscape vision. To learn more about our driveway stones, call Millersdale Supply LLC.

Decorative Stone: Decorative stone can be used on areas like landscape beds, walkways, ponds, and more. They come in many sizes and styles to keep your home or business looking just how you want it to. Millersdale Supply LLC has many sizes and styles of decorative stones, and, for your convenience, we will also deliver them. Call (724) 527-1953 or contact us online.

River Gravel: River gravel stones are small rounded pieces of stone. They come in various colors to give your residential or commercial yard a unique style. They are also an inexpensive stone to use in landscaping projects. If you are interested in this cost effective stone and having Millersdale Supply LLC deliver it, call today!

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